Pickup, delivery and shipping cost Information


Pickups are welcomed 7 days a week, however the puppy must be pre-paid online before picking up the puppy.

Pick up does not include Shipping crate, Vet Exam or Health Certificate.  There is no since in me taking them to a vet and then you taking them too. I feel that only one vet fee for the same thing is enough.

Also for older dogs I do not take them to get their Rabies shots as this will encourage you to take them to the vet.

Shipping Costs

The shipping costs is an additional $350.00 above the price of the puppy. We can ship to most Airports by way of Delta or American Airlines from Huntsville, AL.

With the shipping cost it includes, Airfare, Crate, a Vet Examination, Health Certificate and  puppy food.


We ship From Monday-Friday (We usually don't ship on Saturday and Sunday).

Arrival times might be early or late. Please be flexible and understand that we rely on Delta and/or American Airlines capacity. Sometimes we can't accommodate your flight at your better choice or convenience.

Shipping dates are subject to change or delayed if the weather condition is not favorable.

Shipping Details

The puppy is taken to the vet for a checkup a day or two before the shipping date.

A day before, we will email you the flight information (pick up location, phone number, confirmation/booking number)

To pick up the puppy you need the confirmation number and a valid picture ID.

On the day of travel, the puppy is placed in a well-ventilated airline approved transport kennel. It is received by a special division of the airline. The puppy is placed on board just minutes prior to departure and travels in a temperature controlled, air pressurized area of the aircraft. (If he loses pressure, so do the passengers!) The pup usually sleeps for most of the flight. (We do not use sedatives. They are unnecessary and dangerous).

Picking up your puppy at the airport

This is the most fun part. You can pick up the pup after 20-45 minutes of arrival time either at the Cargo Terminal Department or baggage claims department. This pick up location basically depends on the airport. American is usually the ticket counter.

Check Documents

A health certificate and vaccination records come with the puppy. If you don't receive those documents with the crate, ask the airlines staff.

What to Bring?

Just bring water and food because the puppy will be hungry and thirsty (As an alternative, we recommend either Pedialyte or Gatorade (clear without the dyes). If you are going to petsmart before the ship-date, have handy one Nutri-cal (High Calorie & Vitamins supplement).

When you get to a grassy area make sure it is far from the airport for the simple reason that many pups might do the same and that's how diseases are spread. Allow the puppy for a bathroom break. Don’t bother with a collar or leash that won't give the puppy the freedom that he needs to potty.

Once the bathroom break is over, you will find it more comfortable to travel with your new pup beside you on the seat. He will most likely go back to sleep by the warmth of your leg, and this is a great first bonding experience.

Once you get home, bathe the puppy if he/she has made a mess on his/herself (as I usually bathe them before they are sent)(use any hair shampoo I like baby shampoo), dry with a towel and use a hair dryer to make sure the puppy is dry. make sure to Dry the ears out good.

 We will be happy to talk to you by email or by phone so feel free
to contact us with whichever you are more comfortable with.

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