Small Critter House

Billy and Gerri Vaden

Our babies are sold FULL AKC. They will always be up to date on their shots and wormings. Dew Claws are removed. MALES are $1,695.00-$1,995.00 and FEMALES are $1,895.00-$2,495.00. They are all raised in house and under/over/all around foot lol. 

My normal routine for my babies are Mom gets them for 6 weeks. Then we wean them at 6 week. They then have the routine as follows:  First thing in the morning they are taken outside to go potty. Then they are brought back in and feed. After they are done eating they are again taken outside to run and potty. They are brought back in and play with the big dogs a bit until they/or we are tired of the playing and they go back in the playpen at which point they usually take a nap. When they awake they tend to whine a bit to go outside again. and we take them out for a repeat of the morning take out. usually they go out about 4-6 times a day. About 4pm I take their food away and they are take out right before we go to bed around 10-11pm. Then they sleep through the night until morning and the routine starts again.  Usually before you get them they are well on their way to being potty trained.

They will have been wormed several times before you get them and depending upon age how many shots they will have had. They are given at 6, 9 and 12 weeks.  And we do ask our new parents to try to follow this schedule but we do encourage you to follow your vets recommendations for shots etc.


Puppies We Have Available:

This little boy was born 6/20/17. He is the only one left in this litter. He is such a sweetheart, loves to give puppy kisses. Mom is Sasha. and Dad is Duke. (Grandpa is Elmo) He comes FULL AKC registered. He is $1,695.00